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Intestinal Microbiome - EnteroScan®

EnteroScan® Gut Microbiome Testing (Flyer)

Stress, poor diet, sedentary life, allergies, chronic diseases, autoimmune diseases: Words that exist in our daily vocabulary, situations that trouble us, problems that seem to have no solution! And yet!

Functional Medicine is for those who want answers to health problems that no one can give them! And the answers seem to be found in the intestinal microbiome or intestinal flora.

Don't ignore your gut!

The intestinal microbiome is the foundation of our body's health. It contains 100 trillion microbes, a number 10 times greater than the total number of cells in the entire human body. These microbes exert important metabolic, secretory, regulatory, and immunological activity. The intestinal microbiome controls or participates in almost all the physiological functions of the human body. All this has led the scientific community to talk about a new organ of the human body or - more correctly - about a forgotten organ if we remember that Hippocrates was the first to mention the importance of the intestine for human health. Will you ignore it?

For the first time in Greece, a complete series of tests for the intestinal microbiota

What is EnteroScan®?

EnteroScan® by Diagnostiki Athinon is a group of specialized laboratory tests that analyze the intestinal microbiome and its functions in an easy, painless, non-invasive way.

The analysis of the intestinal microbiome with EnteroScan® allows checking of its deviations, helps to diagnose, confirm, or exclude many pathological conditions, and sheds light on the etiology and pathogenesis of chronic diseases that afflict us in order to direct their treatment.

With EnteroScan® we can discover the real causes of the problems that concern you and provide a definitive solution! The EnteroScan® test is for people who:

  • Face chronic health problems
  • Seek optimal health in natural ways
  • Want to prevent the appearance of the modern lifestyle diseases

Learn all about your own microbiome and tackle the causes!

What happens after EnteroScan®?

The results of EnteroScan® are analyzed by our specially trained associates and form the basis of personalized Microbiome Therapy. The natural rejuvenation and return to normality of your intestinal microbiome is done with targeted dietary interventions and the use of appropriate supplements (probiotics/prebiotics). This intervention is the first step in the etiological treatment of many chronic problems.

Your gut has the answers!

The scientific research of the last 10 years has proven that disorders of the intestinal microbiome (dysbiosis) are responsible for the appearance of many chronic diseases:

  • Obesity, metabolic syndrome, and fatty liver disease
  • Rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune diseases
  • Spastic colitis (irritable bowel) and other diseases of the gastrointestinal system
  • Autism, neurodegenerative and other diseases of the nervous system
EnteroScan® Tests
  • EnteroScan® Basic

It is the first step, with an affordable economic cost, in testing the intestinal microbiome.

  • EnteroScan® Comprehensive

It is the most extensive testing of the intestinal microbiome and its functions. It investigates and provides answers about gastrointestinal diseases, diseases related to immune dysfunctions, diseases of the nervous system, but also diseases such as obesity and metabolic syndrome.

In addition, the specialized combinations of EnteroScan® tests that we have created analyze the intestinal microbiome and its functions and provide answers to the investigation of specific diseases that concern a large part of the population:

  • EnteroScan® IBS / IBD (Gastrointestinal)
  • EnteroScan® Immune
  • EnteroScan® Neuro
  • EnteroScan® Obesity
  • EnteroScan® Candida (Candidiasis Test)

The group of tests also includes EnteroScan® many tests that can be used in a targeted manner and provide answers to many chronic problems of the body. Such tests include:

  • Leaky Gut Test
  • Urine indicans
  • Pyruvate Kinase M2 (M2-PK)
  • Zonulin
  • EnteroScan® Parasitology
  • EnteroScan® Infections
How is it performed?

EnteroScan® is easy to perform and can be done:

  • By appointment at Diagnostiki Athinon
  • Addressed to our partners throughout Greece
  • By sending a sample via courier. Place your order online at eshop.athenslab.gr

We find the causes. You choose the solutions!


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