Diagnostic Tests

Diagnostic Tests

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Find the test you want to do, easily!

Select one of the three innovative diagnostic tests search methods we have created to find the test you are interested in.

  • Search Tests A-Z

    Find the test you are looking for based on its initials. After selecting the letter, all the diagnostic tests starting with the letter of your choice are presented. You can then select the test you are interested in to display the relevant information.

  • Search for Allergens

    Select the test you are interested in directly, being able to choose from more than 300 allergens, to view all the relevant information. Allergens are classified according to the group they belong into (C-Drugs, D-Mites, E-Epithelia, F-Food, G-Grass Pollen, H-House Dust, I-Venoms, K-Professional, M-Molds and Fungi, T-Tree Pollen, W-Weed Pollen).

  • Select CHECK UP

    Select the Check-Up you are interested in, for the relevant information to be displayed. We have designed each check-up very carefully to provide the maximum information, regarding the condition of the human organism, all the while having an affordable cost.

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