Andrology Tests SpermaScan®

Andrology Tests SpermaScan®

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Diagnostiki Athinon’s SpermaScan® tests consist of an extensive series of laboratory analyses to investigate male fertility.

Diagnostiki Athinon is one of the best organized, independent, medical laboratories researching male fertility, while several of the specialized lab tests are also available to patients outside of Athens.

Diagnostiki Athinon provides a wide range of services for the accurate diagnosis of male infertility. Because it being a clinical diagnostic laboratory, it can provide all the laboratory tests required to investigate male infertility. Thus, in addition to the comprehensive semen analysis, hormonal testing, sperm microbiological tests, detection of pathogenic microorganisms by molecular testing, semen biochemical and immunological tests, genetic tests (karyotype, Y chromosome microdeletions, cystic fibrosis test), the laboratory is able to provide specialized andrology tests, such as sperm vitality, sperm hypoosmotic swelling test, DNA fragmentation, free oxygen radicals, and the measurement of semen total antioxidant status.

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