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Cannabis (Marijuana, THC), Urine

This test checks urine for marijuana (cannabis, THC).

Marijuana (hemp/hashish) is the most widespread drug. The term describes the leaf preparation of Cannabis sativa. One common method of consuming marijuana is smoking. The major active ingredient in marijuana is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The activity of marijuana is determined by the concentration of THC. After consuming marijuana, either by inhalation or ingestion, THC is rapidly metabolized by the liver into a series of metabolites, with THC carboxylic acid (THC-COOH) being the major metabolite.

About 80% of the initial dose of THC is eliminated in the first 5 days, with more than 65% excreted in the feces and approximately 20% excreted in the urine. Cannabinoid metabolites can be detected in the urine for up to 10 days in occasional smokers and reach 30 to 40 days in chronic smokers.

The following substances are detected: 11-nor-delta-9-THC-9-COOH, 11-nor-delta-8-THC-9-COOH, Cannabinol, delta-8-THC, delta-9-THC.



Important Note

Laboratory test results are the most important parameter for the diagnosis and monitoring of all pathological conditions. 70%-80% of diagnostic decisions are based on laboratory tests. The correct interpretation of laboratory results allows a doctor to distinguish "healthy" from "diseased".

Laboratory test results should not be interpreted from the numerical result of a single analysis. Test results should be interpreted in relation to each individual case and family history, clinical findings, and the results of other laboratory tests and information. Your personal physician should explain the importance of your test results.

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