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Testing: The How-to

Diagnostiki Athinon, pioneering once again, makes it possible to conduct many laboratory tests by mail. As such, for the first time in Greece, many of our specialized analyses are made available to patients living in remote areas, to people who are unable to travel or do not, for various reasons, want to visit the lab.

The procedure for the online orders is the following:

  • You place the online order for the test(s) you are interested in, by selecting “Add to cart”, located next to each test that can be bought via our e-shop
  • Then you are transferred to Diagnostiki Athinon's online shop (eshop.athenslab.gr) and by following the automated steps, you can complete the purchase of the tests that you are interested in a few minutes
  • We send you via courier all the necessary materials and instructions needed to take the sample at home
  • After you perform the sampling, you send the sample to the lab
  • We then analyze the sample and forward you the results

Only certain tests are available for Online Ordering. These tests have been carefully selected and are only those that, based on scientific and experimental data, can, under specific conditions, be sent to us without the results being altered.

The number of tests that are part of the “Mail Program”, taking into account new scientific and experimental data, is constantly increasing.

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