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How to Order

Add the tests you are interested in into the shopping cart.

  • When you add a test to the shopping cart, the test name, the sample, the quantity, the cost of each test separately, and the total cost of the tests added to the shopping cart are displayed.
  • After selecting each test, you are allowed to choose:
    • Take the test at home with a collection kit (for some tests)
    • Make an appointment at Diagnostiki Athinon's laboratory, selecting the day and time that suits you (with real-time information)

Then you can:

  1. Continue adding more tests
  2. Remove the test or any of the tests you've already added to your shopping cart
  3. Change the quantity for each test separately

Then, you choose to purchase the test(s).

  • The purchase test(s) option displays two more options: Member Login and Member Registration. If you have registered as a member, fill in your email and password in the member login. If you are not a registered member, fill in your Membership email and password
  • With Member Registration, you automatically create your profile
  • Each Member Login action automatically displays your profile and includes all the necessary information needed for the process of purchasing and completing the tests, such as processing personal information, processing location information, password processing, your orders, your order status, and the ability to download test results through your profile
  • The option to purchase tests from the shopping cart displays the checkout in which you can:
  1. Select the document type (receipt or invoice)
  2. Enter any information you may not have already entered in your profile, such as your address details
  3. Choose where you want us to send the package - the collection kit. You can choose to send the sampling kit to a different address
  4. Select the payment method (Credit card or Debit card / PayPal)


  • When the order is placed in the eshop.athenslab.gr system, you will automatically be sent an update email to confirm your order
  • In any change in the status of your order, you will be notified by automated email