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What are cookies?

Cookies are small files sent and stored in the application you use to browse the Internet. Each website usually uses one or more cookies to store information it deems necessary for its best possible operation.

The use of cookies on Diagnostiki Athinon's website - athenslab.gr

On Diagnostiki Athinon's website - athenslab.gr uses cookies to provide an optimized browsing experience to our users. We also use Google services and tools to record traffic and traffic statistics on the website and display targeted ads, which create the corresponding cookies. Google's privacy policy governs these cookies.

Is my personal information safe when I use Diagnostiki Athinon's website, athenslab.gr?

Yes. Diagnostiki Athinon pays special attention to our users' personal information and does not share it with companies, organizations, or individuals.

How are cookies activated, and how can I control them?

Most web browsers on the internet are designed in such a way that they automatically accept cookies. If you do not wish to activate them automatically, you can control and manage the cookies created through the browser settings you use. However, without cookies, you may be unable to use certain features, services, or actions of athenslab.gr website

Can I delete the cookies on Diagnostiki Athinon's website, athenslab.gr?

In general, any user can delete all cookies stored in the web browser application he uses. All known web browsers give this possibility to their users through the settings or traffic history.