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Breast Cancer: The warning signs you should beware!

October is a month dedicated to breast cancer and all experts point out that early diagnosis plays a crucial role in the progression of the disease. A very popular campaign has helped thousands of women to understand the early signs of breast cancer!

The breast cancer awareness campaign with the title "Know your lemons" (where lemons are a cute pun for the breasts) managed to condense in the most comprehensive and visualized way the warning signs on the breasts that a woman should discuss with her doctor. The campaign was created by Corrine Beaumont, a young designer, and it has been shared more than 32.000 times on Facebook. The death of both of her grandmothers at a young age from breast cancer led her to create a very unique way to inform women about the disease.

Her reasoning was simple: many women avoid seeing pictures of breasts with cancerous lesions in order to suspect them to examine their breasts because female breasts are still considered taboo! So, she thought to present… lemons’ pictures instead of pictures with female breasts. These pictures had been processed so as to refer to specific "marks" on the breasts that women should pay attention to. The result made waves but also saved dozens of women.

The 12 signs of breast cancer that we should not ignore!

According to Beaumont… lemons, the 12 suspicious signs of breast changes that a woman should discuss with her doctor are the following (look at the picture and their enumeration starts from the upper left lemon):

1. Thick areas in the breast

If you suddenly notice areas in your breasts that show a condensation in the tissue and they are hard, check it immediately with your doctor.

2. Suspicious dimple

The female breast is normally smooth, without protrusions and bulges. Sudden receding of the tissue is a very suspicious sign of cancer as it actually "sucks" the tissue, causing dimples.

3. Alterations of breast skin

In rare cases where breast cancer develops subcutaneously, the skin "breaks" and creates sores that should concern you.

4. Redness or burning sensation in the breasts

Any redness or discoloration on the breasts, whether accompanied by a burning sensation and a feeling that it is too hot to the touch (as if you have some inflammation) you should be examined immediately by your doctor.

5. Leakage of fluid or blood from the nipple

A very important symptom of breast cancer is the leakage of fluid and/or blood from your breast without squeezing it.

6. Strange pimples on the breasts

Any lesions on the breast's skin are suspicious, especially if it is a "cluster" of bulges that look like pimples and you should examine it with a doctor.

7. Lumps on the breasts

If you notice any suspicious lumps on your breasts, in any size, discuss it with your doctor immediately.

8. A "swollen" vein in the breasts

A warning symptom that should worry you is the blockage in a vein. Usually, the veins of the breast are not palpable and do not protrude. They look normal.

9. The nipple retreats inwards

If you were not born with inverted nipples and suddenly your nipple points inward (and remains inward) without coming back with the touch, then it is a good idea to talk to your doctor.

10. Breast asymmetry that you did not have before

The female breasts present a slight asymmetry anyway, especially during menstruation. However, any larger difference in size must be examined.

11. An orange peel-like texture of the skin

A texture just like the orange peel on the skin of breasts may imply an inflammation caused by breast cancer.

12. Any kind of invisible, hard lump in your breasts

The size of what you feel can be as big as a lemon kernel or a bean. No matter how small or large it is, and especially if it is hard, any tumor should be investigated as soon as possible.


Prevention is the best cure!

At Diagnostiki Athinon we consistently follow the rules of Functional Medicine that give priority to prevention. We offer to women specialized prevention tests such as our new examination for the metabolism of estrogen EstroGeniX which is extremely useful as it is an important indicator for breast cancer. If you want to act proactively in order to achieve optimal health levels, if you have a family history of breast, endometrial or cervical cancer, the EstroGeniX test is extremely simple (we only need a urine sample) and helps you to take your health in your hands!

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