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The 10 dirtiest objects we touch with our hands every day!

You touch them almost every day, but how often do you clean them? Habit is a powerful thing and sometimes it makes us forget that what we hold with our hands needs ... cleaning!

If somebody asked you which object has the most microorganisms you would definitely answer spontaneously ... the toilet! Indeed, the toilet is a point that hosts many different microorganisms. But you clean the toilet regularly (at least the home toilets are ... clean!). On the contrary, when was the last time that you cleaned your cell phone? Current research has shown that our cell phones are dirtier than our toilets, simply because we forget to clean them! We hold them all day with our hands carrying all the microbes from the objects we have previously held. So, you cannot imagine what are the dirtiest objects of your daily life just because most people forget to clean them! Here is the list!

1. Mobile phone

At least once a day you should wipe it with an antiseptic wipe. Especially cell phones with the old design with buttons need a more thorough cleaning.

2. TV remote control

When was the last time you cleaned your TV or DVD remote control? You constantly hold it with your hands and it collects more and more microorganisms from the toilet if you do not clean it regularly.

3. Computer keyboard

Whether it's your home computer or even worse your office PC, its keyboard comes in contact with your hands. If you do not clean it regularly, it can be dirtier and more dangerous than the toilet!

4. Kitchen sponge

If you think that the kitchen sponge, like the bath sponge, is clean due to the daily wash, you are wrong! Sponges host microorganisms and mold especially if we do not dry them, but also from food waste. So, you should change it at least 2 times a month.

5. Wallet (and bag)

It comes in daily contact with your hands but also with money. But how often do you clean it? Even if you have a wide range of wallets and bags and change them daily, they need good cleaning regularly.

6. Money

Yes, money is ... dirty! It is touched by hundreds of hands every day and then it ends up in yours. So, it is recommended to wash your hands after every contact with money or at least not to put them in your mouth, nose, and eyes.

7. ATM

It has both a keyboard and money! So, it is a multiple carrier of microbes that hundreds of people use every day. The ATM of a bank is ... dangerous!

8. Supermarket shopping trolley

Another object that is touched by hundreds of hands and of course it is a carrier of germs!

9. Dog toys

If you do not wash them often, your dog’s (or your cat's) toys are carriers of microbes that are dangerous mainly to you.

10. Towels

Kitchen or bathroom towels, if not changed regularly during the week are carriers of mold and microbes. It is good for everyone in the house to have their own towel. Also, it is important to make sure that you wipe your hands and your dishes and glasses with different kitchen towels.

And the +1!

Do not forget that the items that you use every day in your office such as your cup, desk, computer, common appliances (coffee maker, microwave, refrigerator) are carriers of microbes as they come in contact with many people and they need regular cleaning and attention.

What should we do?

It is true that everyday objects are full of microorganisms. However, there is no need for panic! We just should not forget to clean them and we should wash our hands thoroughly before eating, after using the toilet, and generally if we want to touch our mouth, nose, and eyes. We need to keep our hands clean in order to avoid infections and colds.

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