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    FemoScan® Vaginal Microbiome Test

    Why is a vaginal microbiome test important? One of the most common reasons that women seek medical help are symptoms such as itching, burning sensation, and increased vaginal secretion. In most cases, these unpleasant symptoms are due to a condition called vaginal dysbiosis,...

  • Vaginal Microbiome - FemoScan®

    Vaginitis: Causes and prevention measures

    Vaginitis is an inflammation of the vagina and affects a large percentage of women of reproductive age. This inflammation is usually accompanied by a burning sensation, stinging and irritation, and in more severe cases, pain. The symptoms may be internal to the vagina or may...

  • Vaginal Microbiome - FemoScan®


    - Vaginitis can now be treated etiologically! New FemoScan® molecular test - The 1st molecular examination of the vaginal flora! Forget the unpleasant symptoms of vaginitis - Check the vaginal flora with the new FemoScan® molecular test. It shows what simple microbiological...

  • Vaginal Microbiome - FemoScan®

    What do you know about the vaginal microbiome?

    Undoubtedly one of the greatest achievements in human biology and medicine is the sequencing of the human genome, which was announced in 2001. However, it gave us only a partial image of who we are! The studies of the human microbiome (i.e. the small communities of microorganisms...